Chevy’s “Real People, Not Actors” Commercial with a Real Person (1:26)

19 01 2017

If Chevy’s emoji commercial had an actual honest person mixed in…

Zebra Corner

Venn Diagram Movie Analysis: Popular Movies & Their Black Counterparts

29 05 2009


Gold.  See the rest here.

Cubicle Party: Wu-Tang – Triumph

29 05 2009

Every friday…protect ya fuckin neck this weekend.

A Shirt With A Message

29 05 2009


I can rattle off like 15 people I know right now that need to see this shirt on a daily basis…

Buy one here.

I’m Caucasian

29 05 2009

NBA commercial parody from Kno of CunninLynguists. Bravo.


Coffee Break

29 05 2009


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No One Likes Greg

28 05 2009