4 09 2008

Kim Kardashian told some skank on some E! satellite radio show (how the fuck do people find these stories) that she would “be down” with making an album.  She’s quoted as saying:

“I’d say a little bit Michael Jackson in there. I would love to work with, like, Timbaland as a producer and maybe Justin Timberlake

The first time I read this story I didn’t really read a whole lot… because… y’know.. who the fuck cares right?  The second time I was barely paying attention and thought the whole “a little bit Michael Jackson in there” was referring to some new sex video.  Finally when I read it the whole way through… yeah this is retarded.  No offense, but you’re not exactly famous for anything that comes out of your mouth.  You’re a visual aid… whose catalyst for a rise to fame was putting things IN your mouth. (See how I did that?  It looks easy but it isn’t)



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