Storm a-coming?

29 09 2008

Loootts of stuff going on in DC and NY today folks.  In case you’ve been reading celebrity blogs all day and haven’t the foggiest of what’s going on in the world, I’ve provided some links so you can catch up.  I was originally planning on posting a tangential diatribe breaking down the events, as well as their potential long-term implications, but links are easier (and God forbid any of you actually take what I say seriously when it comes to actual scary shit like this):

House Ignores Bush, Rejects $700 bil. Deal – [Reuters]

228 Nah…205 Yup – [Bloomberg]

(Insanely Related) Stocks Plunge – [Yahoo Finance]

McCain Lashes Out – [My Way]

Obama Lashes Out – [My Way]

Bush “Very Disappointed” – [Breitbart]



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