Coffee Break

1 10 2008


Lots of stuff today….

Best Temp Gig In History – [MSN Blog]

Ten Vehicles For The Coming Financiapocalypse – [Jalopnik]

Should I Be Concerned About The Economic Meltdown? A Flowchart – [PhdComics]

5 Innovative Ways Hollywood Is Screwing You Over – [Cracked]

Florida Man Punches Shark to Save Dog – [Guana Bee]

13 Spin-Off Worthy Simpsons Characters – [Screen Junkies]

British Cigarette Packs To Carry Graphic Picture Warnings – [Breitbart]

Kim Kardashian Voted Off Dancing With The Stars.  Good, now she can get back to wearing spandex. – [CelebSlam]

Liquid Lenses Enable Picture-Perfect Phone Cam Photos – [Sciam]

Ferrari Motorcycle Looks Like Tron Bike; Is Badass – [Slashfilm]



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