Panasonic LifeWall…Fucking…Baller.

3 10 2008

Panasonic unveiled its LifeWall product at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.  This is one of the most awesome entertainment advances that’s come through in a while.  Via CrunchGear:

“What you can see in the videos below is a wall-sized screen (LifeWall) that detects users anywhere they go in the room it’s installed in through face recognition. AT CES, Panasonic called this concept “You-know-me-TV” and “Stay-with-me-TV”, respectively, which sounds kind of creepy.

Users operate the LifeWall by arm motions, much like Tom Cruise in Minority Report’s famous “cyber-display” scene.

 LifeWall is good for:
– making video-calls (the people you speak to are displayed life-sized)

– viewing, zooming, dragging and dropping pictures

– accessing the Internet

– playing video games (the system recognizes your body movements)

– using it as a huge virtual “wallpaper”

– enhancing home security (you can install cameras anywhere in the house and link them to LifeWall)

Panasonic’s answer to my question when LifeWall will be commercialized: “Maybe in 5 years, maybe never.”

Watch the video over at Panasonic…this shit is unbelievable.



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