BlackBerry Storm

9 10 2008

I saw a commercial for this during last night’s South Park (reviewed below), and at first I thought it was some kind of new Nerf Gun (I’m not the most…ahem… aware individual in the evenings).  This is the BlackBerry Storm, RIM and Verizon’s attempt at ax-murdering the iPhone’s domination of the market.  Now there’s an iPhone for grownups…this thing looks pretty badass.  Via Engadget Mobile:

“The list of “WOW factors” (Verizon’s verbiage, not ours) doesn’t stop there, though: we’ve also got a 3.25-inch 480 x 360 display dubbed “1/2 VGA+,” which puts it just a notch above the Bold’s 480 x 320 setup. The screen offers tactile feedback and auto-rotation to boot, plus you’ve got that 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera with flash, 1GB of onboard memory with microSD expansion — an 8GB card is included in the box — and “enhanced background noise cancellation.” Turning our attention to software, RIM calls the Storm’s web browsing experience “best in class,” which is a good sign if those guys really know their competition, and we’ve got AGPS and visual voicemail (post-launch, sadly) in the pipe.”

Video of it in action after the jump:



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