A Sacrifice Worth Making?

28 10 2008

Paris Hilton is listed as one of the celebrities and millionaires that will be on Virgin Galactic’s first space launch.   She’s a little afraid of space travel, and the reason is priceless:

“I’m very scared to do it. What if I don’t come back? “With the whole light-years thing, what if I come back 10,000 years later, and everyone I know is dead? I’ll be like, ‘Great. Now I have to start all over.’”

I won’t even get into how asinine that quote is. The other people listed on the flight are Madonna, Tom Hanks, Moby, Victoria Principal and actor Justin Berfield.  Madonna’s an annoying freak of nature, Tom Hanks absolutely raped the Da Vinci Code, I hate Moby, and I don’t even know who the other two are.   What we have here is the opportunity of our lifetime. Last minute, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are invited (which they’ll gladly accept since they’re attention starved asshats)…then… say… they don’t put enough fuel on the ship for a re-entry…

Although the others would have to be sacrificed, it might be worth it.  I’m just saying…think about it.



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