Guns and Roses

29 10 2008

Justine Smith is aware that cash rules everything around her.  As a result, she made these sculptures using straight cash  She’s a lot better at it than you are.  From her site:

“Paper is a basic material for any artist. However, for Smith, paper itself has become the medium, and the knife that she uses is her pen. Previously well known for using collages of comics on her sculptures and also for her cut paper pieces, she has recently been focusing on making work with money.

On a physical level, a banknote is just a piece of paper, but it is what a banknote actually represents that is central to Smith’s practice.

Her work as an exploration of our relationship with money and our response to it, in a political, moral and social sense, whilst also exploiting the physical beauty of the note.”

I’m just saying… why you gotta make all the violent shit with American money, Justine?

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