Let There Be Facebook

12 11 2008

Pretty funny if you have any sense of the creation story.   However, if you have dedicated your life to not ever even HEARING this story and telling those that believe in it that they’re stupid… don’t worry, you’ll still get it because you’re probably very “analytical”, “smart”, and “fond of being an asshole to get your point across”.  Go you, hybrid-car-driver-because-it’s-in-right-now, eyes-closed-when-you-make-a-point, douchebag asshat.


Probably You

An explanation for my above statement after the jump…I put it after the jump so that those of you that don’t give a shit what I have to say as long as I keep feeding you entertainment don’t have to read it.  You’re welcome.  Hugs and kisses.

Via Collegehumor’s photoshop department:


WARNING: Useless opinion after the jump…

My rant above is in regards to the Religulous movie that’s out by Bill Maher.  I like the guy, his show’s hilarious, and I can see where he’s coming from in most regards.  However, when it comes to religion… c’mon… give it a rest. The bottom line is its a personal belief, and everyone needs to just keep their opinions to themselves.  Religious people, don’t force it on non-religious, and vice versa.  If we can do this, non-religious won’t feel the need to attack religion all the time, and religious people can stop trying to sell people on different personal beliefs.  Okay that is all.  Back to our regularly scheduled program.




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