Best Bond Movie Ever

14 11 2008
Where the fuck did I park the car?

Where the fuck did I park the car?

It better be… or I’ll be pretty cranky the rest of the weekend. Via Gizmodo:

“The latest Bond is the perfect Bond Movie. Yes. It is. In fact, Quantum of Solace is not only the perfect Bond movie, it’s the best Bond movie ever, period. Even surpassing Casino Royale—and I mean both the Craig’s one and the original Peter Sellers, David Niven, and Woody Allen’s delirium—which to me surpassed Connery’s best (I know, sacrilege). It has everything a Bond film must have and more: Cars, cocktails, airplanes, boats, cocktails, smart hot girls, evil baddies, slimy baddie sidekicks, cocktails, and gadgets. Contrary to previous versions, the new Bond actually has some cool gadgets in it. I don’t mean cheesy stupid mini-rockets firing from the exhaust pipe of an Aston Martin or laser watches that can cut through steel and french lingerie. I mean cool, believable technology that integrates in the movie transparently.”

Casino Royale will be tough to beat.  Fortunately, Craig’s Bond beats the shit out of everyone and everything in sight so we’ll see…

Stay tuned for my review tomorrow… or Monday.  Most likely Monday…I’ve got a lot of sitting around to do this weekend.



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