Brenden Foster > You

17 11 2008

Warning…this video is really sad and awesome.

This is one of the saddest stories I’ve seen all year.  I was going to go the fuck off about CNN’s retarded choice of wording for this article.  However, I’ve decided to skip it because this kid doesn’t deserve it.  Fortunately, this story is so awesome that even the asshats over at CNN can’t fuck it up. He’s 11 years old and his last wish is sending sandwiches to people that most people pointedly ignore.  His story is inspiring people all over the world, including the Seattle Seahawks who are going to pay for his funeral.

If you wanna help, you can donate online by going to the Problem Solvers donation page and select “Brenden Foster Food Drive” from the donation options list.  Or, donations to the family can be made to the “Brenden Foster Cancer Fund” at any Washington Mutual bank branch.

For more about this kick-ass kid click here.



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24 11 2008
“I had a great time.” « The High Definite

[…] Foster finally succumbed to leukemia Friday, November 21, 2008.  I showed him some love last week but it in no way did justice to the impact this kid has had on the world in his short […]

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