Happy Anniversary

20 11 2008


Okay so I’m a couple days late on this one, but this post is a necessity.  On November 18, 1985, Calvin and Hobbes first appeared in 35 newspapers, Bill Watterson’s hometown paper not included, with this strip:


The notoriously private Watterson originally submitted the strip to United Feature Syndicate with Calvin and Hobbes serving as secondary characters to an older brother that the strip revolved around.   United Feature Syndicate told Watterson to focus on the kid and his tiger, which he did, and was rejected again for some time until Universal Press Syndicate picked it up.  Within a year, more than 250 papers picked up the strip.  Throughout the years, Watterson brought readers, myself included, through the lives of Calvin and Hobbes, following them on adventures and troubles in this world and beyond.

The final strip ran on December 31, 1995, ending the era of one of the greatest comics ever written:


Happy anniversary.

Shit tons of Calvin and Hobbes information – [Wikipedia]

Every Calvin and Hobbes comic – [Marcello Sendos]



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