Gravity Balans Chair

10 12 2008


Made by Varier Furniture, this chair is the closest you’ll ever come to falling asleep while watching golf in space.  Via Ubergizmo:

It retails for a jaw-dropping $1,200 (and not even a single diamond to be found, to boot) and will be extremely limited in quantity. Perhaps after giving this chair a go will people figure out that $1,200 is a steal, since it places one’s feet above the heart in a fully reclined position, which is as close as it gets for the layman when it comes to zero gravity. There will only be 250 of these special edition black leather Gravity chairs floating around (pardon the pun) worldwide.”

Zero gravity seems like an odd sensation to want to recreate while napping.  I’d prefer something more along the lines of the Between Bewbs Balans Chair or a NotHavingToWorkAnymoreBecauseYou’reRichAllOfASudden Balans Chair



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