People Who Deserve It

16 12 2008


This site gave me a good 20 minutes of distraction this morning.  People that deserve to get punched in the face… I’m sold.  From their site:

We’re not mean people, honestly.

This blog is not written with malice or scorn, but with a sincere desire to witness the upward progression of the human race. And some people are ruining it for everybody.

People who wear sunglasses inside.
Savages who pee on the seat.
This kind of conduct only perpetuates the acceptance of degenerate behavior.

On this space log, you will find examples of socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face. And remember, we do it for the kids.

Go get ’em.  Seriously.  Especially the guy that wears jeans to the gym.  Fucking get him.



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