9 More Headless Bodies Show Up In Mexico… Call The Police/Military!

22 12 2008


Oh wait… the headless bodies WERE police and military… fuck going to Mexico, seriously.  Fuck that. Via BBC News:

“Police in Mexico have found nine decapitated bodies close to a highway in the southern state of Guerrero.

Local officials said the victims were a policeman and eight soldiers.

Nine heads were found earlier in plastic bags close to a supermarket, reportedly with a note warning of more decapitations to follow.

Nearly 5,400 people have been murdered in drugs-related violence this year. Thousands of troops have been deployed across Mexico to tackle drugs gangs.

Local media reported that the soldiers were believed to have been abducted on Saturday as they left a nearby military base, close to the city of Chilpancingo. “

I know I complain about reality TV, Heidi and Spencer, Paris Hilton, and retarded Americans all the time.  But this article almost made me realize I have a lot to be thankful for (like having a head) and I almost thought I should be more compassionate because there are people dealing with worse problems in this world…almost.  Fuck you Speidi!  America … FUCK YEAH!



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