Well Done, Jeter…You Bastard.

13 01 2009


I don’t usually put a whole lot of ladies on this blog, mostly because I do this shit at work and boobs on your computer = you’re probably gonna get fired and people think you’re a skeezy pervert.  However, it’s a new year here at The High Def, and with that new year comes new found balls.  Big, brass, don’t-give-a-fuck balls that are as smooth as eggs. 

Soo…here’s Minka Kelly at the Golden Globes.  I don’t know much about her except she has what appears to be fantastic chesticles and she’s on that Friday Night Lights show. Also, I guess she  is or used to date Derek Jeter, which puts him on my endangered species list as soon as I can get ahold of a bat to dispense painful irony.  Ahh murderous acts of violence in the name of love.  I should be knighted.




One response

14 01 2009
Derek Jeter's MD

Shes get the herp!

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