1970’s Anti-Marijuana PSA Is Fantastic

14 01 2009

This video PSA from the 70’s about marijuana is literally one of the funniest PSA’s I’ve seen in a long time.

My 5 favorite parts:

1) The narrator using words like “bogus” and “buzzing”

2) “I know what you’re thinking. ‘What is marijuana? What makes marijuana so dangerous?  Where can I get some marijuana?'” (priceless)

3) “Well brother, I’m not going to nickle and dime you.”

4) “People will call you names like ‘pothead’ and ‘smokey mcbongwater'” (I can’t stop laughing at this point)

5) “You’ll take a liking to sitar music.”

6) The video is 4:20 long.



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15 01 2009
Daily Awesomeness - Crapazon

[…] This 70’s anti-marijuana ad is making us reconsider last week’s bong rip. [High Definite] […]

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