New Kids On the Boat…Weak.

14 01 2009


I overheard these 30-something year old females chattering about the New Kids On The Block Cruise that they are going to be performing on as a themed cruise.  Instead of using the power of my pimp hand to cast these bitches down from their hysterical excitement, I calmly ate my food and decided to look into this shit myself. It’s just as retarded as I thought. According to USA Today:

“The music world was abuzz Tuesday over news former boy band New Kids on the Block would be heading to sea in May as the hosts of a themed cruise.

First reported by, it’s considered a come down by some for the once high-flying group, which finally reunited this past year after several unsuccessful efforts to get the group back together. But band members were upbeat about the gig.

“Our manager tells us this is not a cheesy thing,” band member Joey McIntyre tells in a video posted at the site. “This is not a step back.””

No, its definitely cheesy, and yes, it is not a step back.  It’s so much further back it might as well be a fucking time machine.  I suppose doing a cruise out of Florida is a good idea though.  I’m sure singing about raising kids and getting arthritis would be greatly appreciated by the elderly crowd. 

*Side note: I looked their discography up because I realized I know almost nothing about this group.  This is a portion of their discography I found to be amusing:

1986: New Kids on the Block
1988: Hangin’ Tough
1989: Merry, Merry Christmas
1990: Step by Step
1990: No More Games/The Remix Album
1991: H.I.T.S.
1994: Face the Music
1999: Greatest Hits
2001: Super Hits
2008: Greatest Hits – Re-Release
2008: The Block

That’s right… a Greatest Hits, SUPER Hits, and a Greatest Hits – RE-Release.  Fantastic.



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