Larry Fitzgerald’s TD Last Night Was Sexy; Weiner-filled

2 02 2009


If you live in Tucson, Arizona, not only did your team lose (well fought though, well fought), but you probably had a different experience than Cardinal fans across the country after Larry Fitzgerald’s beautiful 64-yard TD catch.  While the rest of Cards Country (I don’t know what you call the bulk of Cardinals fans…Deck of Cards?… who cares?) were returning to their seats after celebrating.  You were treated to 30 seconds of floppy man meat being slapped around on your screen. Via the Associated Press by way of Gizmodo:

“Tucson television station’s broadcast of the Super Bowl on Sunday was interrupted for some viewers by about 10 seconds of pornographic material, the station said.

KVOA TV in Tucson released a statement saying that the only viewers who were able to see the material were those who receive the channel through Comcast cable.”

Gizmodo has the actual video footage on their site I linked to… I would have put it on here but we have standards here at The High Definite, and we won’t subject you to smut like that on our watch.  Ah who am I kidding?  It’s after the jump… I’ll cut my arm off to keep these views up.  Warning: Very NSFW…its a man’s dork flopping around… literally.
Vodpod videos no longer available.



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