Where Were They Then: Bob Saget (Early 90’s)

5 02 2009

A continuation of my Thursday series, paying tribute to the stars of yesteryear at the height of their popularity, focusing on their glorious past rather than their devastatingly disappointing present.


Via Wikipedia:

“Saget was cast as Danny Tanner in Full House, which became a huge success through family viewers and landed in the Nielsen Ratings’s Top 30 from the third season onward. In 1989, Saget was cast as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, which also became a smash hit. During the early 1990s, Saget was quite busy with his career, doing both Full House and AFV simultaneously. In 1995, Full House ended its run after eight years (due to increasing production costs), and Saget continued to host AFV, despite his desire to move on.”

Despite his soon to be discovered penchant for crude stand-up comedy, Bob Saget proved that some people in Hollywood will do anything to get paid. He was simultaneously on two of the biggest shows on television… playing two of the biggest dinks on television, but getting paid copious amounts of money to do so.  Playing a wholesome father and the corny guy that your parents loved served to be quite lucrative for Saget, whose decade long run as a television star surely provided for whatever vices he has to this day. Wherever that big head of yours is now, I hope it’s sandwiched between a pair of large breasts and a plate of coke, sir.  That’s what heroes deserve.



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