Where Were They Then: Jerry Springer (90’s)

12 02 2009

A continuation of my Thursday series, paying tribute to the stars of yesteryear at the height of their popularity, focusing on their glorious past rather than their devastatingly disappointing present.


From his Wikipedia:

“The Jerry Springer Show debuted on September 30, 1991. It was developed by WLWT-TV to replace its Phil Donahue Show. It started as a politically-oriented talk show, a longer version of Springer’s commentaries. Guests included Oliver North and Jesse Jackson, and topics included homelessness and gun politics.

In the spring of 1994, Springer and his new producer, Richard Dominick, revamped the format of the show in order to garner higher ratings. The show became more and more successful as it became more and more lowbrow, with an emphasis on infidelity. Its guests were typically lower class, minimally-educated, blue collar people confronted on a television stage with a spouse or family member’s adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism, hate group membership, or other controversial situations. These confrontations often lead to shouting, profanities, chair-throwing, fist-fights, and removal of clothing. Female guests also receive ‘Jerry Beads’ for exposing their breasts to the studio audience, in the style of Mardi Gras revelers. The show garnered huge ratings, and lots of attention. By 1998, it was even beating Oprah Winfrey in many cities, and was reaching more than 6.7 million viewers.

Springer portrayed his own talk show host character in the 1998 movie Ringmaster, though his character’s name is Jerry Farrelly. Ringmaster offers a behind-the-scenes look at would-be guests who apply to a Springer-like show. The same year, Springer also released an unrelated autobiography named Ringmaster; he claimed “I can only think of one title a year.”

He also appeared on an episode of Roseanne during its ninth season, on the 1997 ‘The X-Files episode “The Post-Modern Prometheus”, and voiced a cartoon version of himself in the Halloween 1998 episode of The Simpsons entitled “Starship Poopers.”

Springer was the fucking man in the 90’s.  His show was a media juggernaut and he was so popular he even popped up on MTV’s Spring Break (back when MTV’s Spring Break was awesome). On top of that, no matter where you were, if you saw a  fight in public, some douchebag would start chanting his name, which would result in him getting his dick kicked in and BOOM, more comedy.  You just don’t get quality trash like this beamed into the comfort of your home anymore…

Some kick-ass Jerry Springer Show moments after the jump:






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