Jenny McCarthy Is Gettin Paaaid…Maybe

18 02 2009


Via Moondog Sports:

“Jim Carrey has vowed to give his longtime girlfriend Jenny McCarthy a financially secure future – after reportedly setting up a $50 million trust fund for the actress despite insisting they will never marry.

Carrey has earned an estimated $200 million with his blockbuster comedies – and is desperate to make sure McCarthy is set for life.

A source tells Star magazine, “He adores her and credits her with his better health and happier outlook on life. (He) wants her to have all the perks in life should anything happen to him.”

I suppose some sort of payment was in order.  It’s got to be awkward being that hot and having sex with a man who gives his penis cartoon voices and twists it into balloon animals and shit.

Then again this is Star Magazine reporting so he probably really promised her a new pair of running shoes or something else they could blow out of proportion.



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