Random TV Review: South Park: The Ring (Bay-Bayyy)

12 03 2009


South Park kicked it off with a bang last night, taking aim at the Jonas Brothers in a fashion only South Park is capable of.  Just like High School Musical, they took a carefully crafted Disney creation and shat on it’s face, not only nailing the parody but offering up a comical solution to explain why these dudes, who should be nailing every tween between the coasts, are satisfied being little queerbait virgins. 

 The best parts of the episode were definitely the concert footage of the little girls losing their minds, and badass Mickey making Stewie Griffin look like an alterboy.  Everytime that mother fucker ended his sentences with that Mickey laugh it elicited an almost Pavlovian laugh out of me every time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Definitely worth a watch, and South Park has started off the season, yet again, as an oasis in the barren landscape that is recent late night television.

Watch the full episode at South Park Studios.



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