STFU, Marrieds

23 03 2009


I’m of the age where a lot of friends of mine from high school and college seem to be infatuated with getting hitched and making sure every one of their Facebook friends is painfully aware of their situation (is there a “recently divorced” relationship status on Facebook?). So, I went on Facebook the other day for the first time in a while and, besides the Twitter-wannabe homepage change, noticed that the only thing more retarded than the fact that some of these people are actually getting married, is that they seem perfectly content with spewing their bullshit engagement updates all over the place.  I’m not just talking major event updates here, I’m talking insignificant relationship thoughts that no one gives a fuck about.  Well finally, there’s a blog that keeps track of these infuriating textual tidbits and catalogs them for your viewing pleasure!  If you’re bored and want to subject yourself to the idiocies of new love, check out STFU, Marrieds.



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