About HighDefinite

The High Definite was created as a gateway from your droll, trivial, work existence to one of neverending stupidity provided by the internet.  Escape, worker drone, from the ridiculous monotony of your day and explore the mindless entertainment we feed you.

If you’re under 30, at a job you hate, working for an asshole you can’t stand, then this site is for you.   Hell, if you’re stoned or drunk this site will probably be a lot of fun for you also.  I’m gonna bet you use the same amount of brain power in all three scenarios. 


4 responses

27 09 2008
sara shirazi

i heard you had a blog the other day, and i had to see it.. because i love hearing the random shit that comes out of your head . keep it up playa

14 11 2008
Barack Obama

Great blog.

2 12 2008
Bridgewater Dave

I tell you what… you got you somethin good goin on over there. If it werent for my love of The South, God, Babies, and NASCAR id come thank you personally for making me laugh. We’ll Talk to ya later on

you can find me in VAAAA in VAAAA

7 02 2009

nice blog you have here.. Are you looking to be part of another blog, as a editor. Im looking to add to our team.

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