Eh, Why Not?

28 05 2009

Steven Colbert with friggin laserbeams in his hands…


Another Inner Monologue

28 05 2009


Another ridiculous one from the guys over at Holy Taco. This one features a guy walking by a school and getting yelled at by a kid.  Since I’ve oftentimes wondered how much time I’d actually have to do if I stuck some asshole kid in his face, I can relate to this one.  Click the picture.

Fannypack: The Action Movie

28 05 2009

3 WTF Moments In History You Probably Didn’t Know Happened

28 05 2009




Chalk Up Another One For Yahoo Answers

28 05 2009

The answer below wasn’t the “selected answer”, even though it was obviously the best.  There’s just no justice in this world.



Found here. Read the rest here.

Damien Walters Is More Athletic Than You

28 05 2009

Watch it and weep, fatty.

Coffee Break

28 05 2009


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