Nice Che Shirt, Asshole

27 05 2009


Get one here.

Ikitabi Ninja Slippers Are For Lounging; Ass Kicking

19 05 2009


I haven’t posted any clothing/accesorahs posts lately due to the fact that most of the Fall/Winter previews I’ve been seeing from “designers” lately are laughable at best.  Thank God Ikitabi showed up on my radar or else I would have never seen these Ninja Slippers.  I literally cannot think of a single piece of footwear I need more badly.  From the product site:

“The Ikitabi concept is based on traditional Japanese slippers or tabi and the addition of rubber soles gives greater comfort and flexibility.

Traditional Kohaze & Kakeito hook and eye fasteners are adjustable at the opening of the boot, with two different settings to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. Rubber soles give a unique barefoot feel, both non-slip and ergonomic they provide arch support and ground hugging comfort making Ikitabi a great walking boot – the sole design is even patented.”

Buy them here.  I learned about them here.

Patagonia Stormfront Pack

25 02 2009


Via Uncrate:

“Made from welded, polyurethane-coated nylon, this completely waterproof backpack features a water and corrosion proof main zipper, an internal padded gear case, a detachable harness system, an external mesh hydration reservoir pocket, and a 3-D spacer-mesh back panel for quick drying.”

Real dope. If you’ve got $275 laying around you can buy it here.

The North Face Purple Label x Nanamica Backpacks

2 01 2009


Via SlamXHype:

“The North Face Purple Label has been well received this past season as the outdoor label continues to be a force on the street. Having compiled a collection of bags exclusive for store Nanamica, they played a big role in the design process as they chose a very distinctive pallet of colors. While the addition of a suede bottom will be well received as they maintain there outdoor aesthetic.”

These bags > my old Jansport backpack I wore high up on my back



DOTS Gloves Allow iPhone Nerdery In Cold Climates

18 12 2008


If you’ve ever said “yeah this snowball fight is pretty kick-ass, but I need to download a new app for my iPhone…” or something dorky like that (I don’t own one so I don’t know what iPhone people say but I imagine they like being better than me) then you need these gloves.  Simple wool gloves, but the thumb and index both have little dots that make it easy for you to select, scroll, zoom, what have you.  Get some for your early adopter friends.  Wow, I actually remembered something from college.  Suck it.

Click the pic to purchase…

Via the accurately-named Geekologie.

No-Mas Finisher Bag

17 12 2008


No-Mas leader Chris Isenberg has been collecting Starter jackets for years.  Now that he has over 200 of them, he’s decided to give back by turning each one of them into a custom bag called a Finisher bag.  From Starter to Finisher.  Brilliant concept.  Click the picture to buy one… it’ll take $300 bucks.

Aviator Cap At CO-OP Barney’s New York…Phew, What A Mouthful (That’s What She Said) Okay I’m Done…Seriously

16 12 2008


If you’re like me and have pretty big ears, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep them fuckers warm with record lows being recorded all around the country.  Here’s the solution.  Made from shearling wool, these multi colored check caps lock in via their leather chin straps.

Click the picture to buy one.  They’re $125 bucks.