A Shirt With A Message

29 05 2009


I can rattle off like 15 people I know right now that need to see this shirt on a daily basis…

Buy one here.

For Those Of You That Can’t Commit

27 04 2009


Via Snorg Tees. It’ll be $15 bucks.

The Haymaker T-Shirt Reeks Of Manliness

24 03 2009


I’ve been trying to grow a beard for 25 years to no avail, until I saw this shirt.  It’s great because it serves two purposes, covering your body so you can get into bars, and warning the patrons of those bars to get the fuck out of your way. Get one here.

Aspesi Full Length Jacket

18 03 2009


Via Selectism:

“Two great color options in these jackets from Aspesi available through The Corner right now. The waist cinch jackets include excellent sleeve cuff cinches for those extra rainy or cold day blowbacks. The fit is well suited for any man.”

Real dope jackets.  I like the windbreaker look and the fact that it’s less “lure you into a van with candy” creepy than normal trench-like jackets.

Get one here. It’ll be a recession-friendly $480.

Shipley & Halmos Belted Trench

5 03 2009


Via Blackbird:

“A classic trench coat with excellent details: box-pleat front pockets are roomy but lay flat, mesh lining under the back yoke allows for air ventilation, the back yoke fastens with small buckles under the arms, plus an attractive buttoned vent at center back. 100% cotton with poly lined sleeves for easy entry.”

Details…details.  Such a dope jacket albeit a little warm for the upcoming seasons.  $500 bones.


Batman Hoodie So You Can Fight/Cause Crime

3 03 2009


Via SuperHeroStuff by way of Gizmodo:

“Our warehouse guys peed their little girly panties when this item came in. Everyone freaked and thought it was the best thing since Fire and submarines. This Batman hoodie is a full blown image of Batman screen printed on a full zip-up black hoodie. This is just way freaky. Check out the eye holes. It’s a type of mesh that you can see through while still keeping others from seeing you. (If you have trouble becuase the hoodie’s too far from your face, try some double sided tape to keep the hoodie up against your face.) “

Just a reminder… you won’t be Batman…not even if you REALLY believe.  Nothing tarnishes your favorite superhero’s image faster than seeing someone dressed like him shrieking like a female while he’s getting the shit beat out of him.  The panicked sobbing afterwards probably won’t help. 

Totally unrelated: If you know a Matt Duffy that went to Woodmere Elementary in 6th grade, tell him I want my fucking cape back…and I’m telling.

Fair Warning

3 03 2009


This is a snapshot of the “ready to wear” collection from Marc Jacobs for Spring/Summer 09.  I won’t get into the rest of this ridiculous “collection” besides to say there are some pretty decent suits in there.  However, if you know me, and I see you in any of the outfits in the picture above, you’re getting your dick kicked in and I’m taking your lunch money for looking like a little puff.