Banana Republic Patch-Pocket Blazer

26 01 2009


An update to the classic blazer for those of you that don’t want to look like a dink with headphone cords hanging all over the place. This bad boy’s got an interior pocket for your iPods and whatnot so you can jam out while not looking like a hobo.  Tailored in fine, pure cotton.  Get one a BR…it’ll be $140 bucks.


How To Know If You’re Dressed Like A Douchebag

13 01 2009


…you’re welcome.

Reason “Go Love Your Own City” Hoodie

29 12 2008


I can’t tell you how annoying all these “I heart (enter various cities not as awesome as New York)” shirts are that keep popping up all over the place and in the stores of different streetwear “designers”.  Its refreshing to see someone from New York finally sticking it to these clothing companies that have no creative way of representing their respective cities.  I’m sure Milton Glaser would be “fuck yeah”ing all over his house if he ever saw this.

Get it at Reason.

Found on the Hundreds Feed.

Glennz Tees

12 12 2008


Some of you don’t have the verbal or mental dexterity to start conversations with strangers.  Since most of these are more downright clever than you could ever hope to be, I would advise you to let these shirts start conversations for you.  I tried to just pick out my favorites then I ended up saving almost all of them. 



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The Hundreds x Disney

9 12 2008


Via The Hundreds:

“We’re closing 2008 out with a bangarang.  Over a year ago, an opportunity arose to co-brand with Disney on an apparel-based project. And when it came time to settle on a particular character set to work with, who else but Peter Pan’s The Lost Boys?”

These guys kick ass.  A clothing project with Disney?  Fucking awesome.  The Feather New Era is ridiculous.  Anyway, I’m done.  Click the link or the picture for the full lineup.

Haversack Wool Blazer

9 12 2008


Via Matches:

“Haversack is the creation of Japanese designer Koji Norihide and is a contemporary collection which places emphasis on detail and cut to create a modern silhouette. This wool single breasted jacket is made in heavy weight navy wool and has curved front panels, small lapels and silver anchor buttons.”

Dope.  The slim cut definitely updates the blazer look.  If you wear blazers or sportcoats…time to step your game up.  Found at selectism.

GQ: How To Buy A Tux

20 11 2008
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Click For Slideshow

The men’s style bible goes in on how to BUY a tuxedo…GQ:

“Somewhere along the line, a tuxedo went from being the most majestic piece in a man’s wardrobe to something that he had to wear. As in, “Yeah, dude, I gotta wear a tux to this wedding next weekend.” You know what? Quit your carping. The fact is, you’ll never look better, more manly—more gentlemanly—than in a tuxedo.”

I wore a nice tux to a party once and I was easily the best-dressed guy in the room.  Then the mom came back in the room with the cake and the clown and kicked me out… haters.