Rihanna Nude Pics Leaked (Someone’s Getting Fired, Everyone Else Is Getting Boners)

8 05 2009


Some nude Rihanna pictures got leaked onto the web and they are just as awesome as you’d expect them to be.  These combined with the Cassie ones that leaked this week pretty make this week the best week in R&B history. Full set here or here.  I would post them but I draw the line at scantily clad ladies and crude toilet humor.  However, I figured you should hear it here first.

It’s Coming…

17 04 2009

Yeah sonn…


Emmanuelle Chriqui Covered > Most Women Naked

14 04 2009


Here’s Emmanuelle Chriqui at a Film Festival that wasn’t held in my pants so I could care less where it was.  She’s unreal.  I’ve made it no secret that I would kick unkickable things (puppies, other people’s children) if she would speak to me…and really speak to me, not this “You know what a restraining order is, don’t you?  You seriously can’t be within 500 yards of me” crap.  She’s such a kidder, always playing hard to get…



Jessica Biel Is Learning

3 04 2009

Video is SFW…furiously masturbating and drooling in your cubicle, however, is not.  So, um…totally unrelated, but if anyone’s hiring let me know.

I Guess I’m Watching Gossip Girl From Now On

18 03 2009


Here’s a fun fact: Pictures like these = I’ll watch these two talk about makeup, discuss boys, or whatever else the fuck they do on that show that makes me all murdery.  There are pictures with the guys on that show, who are pretty much females themselves, as well, but who gives a shit right?  I have a “no ugly chicks” posting policy on this site, unless it’s funny…then always.


Via Rolling Stone.

Katy Perry Lingerie Pictures Do The Trick

12 03 2009


Katy Perry has been confusing us (me, my penis) since she came out. She kissed a girl and liked it: awesome.  Giant rack: awesome. She’s always dressed up like some sort of fruit or cartoon character: not so awesome, makes me feel creepy for oggling her giant rack.  On top of that, for the longest time I couldn’t figure out the difference between her and Zooey Deschanel, who apparantly is not Katy Perry.

Difference: Breasts

So thank God Katy Perry straightened things out for me with this photoshoot for Esquire to clear that whole matter up.  She’s attractive, mystery solved, it was old Mr. Jenkins, the janitor.  Okay I’m done.


Lenny Kravitz’s Life Doesn’t Suck

16 02 2009


Out of some magazine with Adriana Lima. Most jealousy-inducing picture after the break.


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