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5 05 2009

Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Mims – Like This

Cubicle Party: Ghostface Killah – Cher Chez La Ghost

1 05 2009

Every Friday son… enjoy your weekend.

Oh yeah, if you dig these don’t forget this happened.

Ey Yo! The Wu Is Back

30 04 2009

OB4CL2 out August 11?  Maaannnnn…. if you don’t hold OB4CL as one of the best you need to fuckin learn something.

Via 3stacks, who keeps his ear to the ground on new hip-hop so I don’t have to sift through all the garbage that’s been coming out lately.

The Cubicle Party: FY09Q1 Earnings

29 04 2009


I’ll be posting 4 of these a year, one for each quarter. The songs in bold are previous Cubicle Party song selections that come out every Friday. This particular mixtape contains the songs from the first quarter of this year, as well as a few choice selections from DJ Sam Soul. Tracklist and audio after the jump. Enjoy.

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It’s Coming…

17 04 2009

Yeah sonn…


Asians Love Practicing Musical Instruments

17 04 2009


Today Was A Good Day

15 04 2009


Via DW.

Get familiar with the reference after the jump:

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