CNN Discusses Obama’s “Swagga”

30 04 2009

I counted a “black people are laid back and cool” stereotype, a hug out, and a fist bump…I’m surprised they didn’t take it a step further and comment on how he loves fried chicken joints and playing basketball.

Yikes…(pulls collar out from neck)…you can smell the awkwardness from here.

Vid via Buzzfeed.

PS: Not all the white presidents were stuffy, have they already forgotten about Bill “The Fucking Man” Clinton?

  • Played saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show
  • Was the first white dude to be inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall Of Fame
  • Toni Morrison called him “The First Black President”
  • Got head, repeatedly, in the Oval Office.

Count it.

100 Days For Obama

29 04 2009

100 days of Fox News hatin

Via DW.


20 01 2009



Obama’s swearing in and his full speech in case you were watching Judge Judy or something (yeah… you were weren’t you…) :

The End Of An Error

20 01 2009

Obama Inauguration

Peace son…

Elect George Washington Lincoln

12 12 2008

NSFW language

Secretary Of State

17 11 2008


Hillary Clinton is going to accept Barack’s offer to become Secretary of State.  On a more important and totally related note… I fucking beat CNN to it…booyah.

 Via the Guardian (yes, a British paper picked this story up first):

“Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of state offered by Barack Obama, who is reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration, the Guardian has learned.

Obama’s advisers have begun looking into Bill Clinton’s foundation, which distributes millions of dollars to Africa to help with development, to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. But Democrats do not believe that the vetting is likely to be a problem.”

Initial Reaction: Nice.

After Actually Thinking For 20 Seconds:  This might be well and good, but I doubt there will be much of a need for a Secretary of State anymore.  In case you haven’t noticed, we have the most intimidating, badass President/Vice-President combo on record, Barack Effing Obama and Iron Joe Biden, rolling into these meetings with foreign dignitaries. There’s no need to waste time with diplomacy.  Its going to be tough trying to go against America when the world leaders keep leaving meetings all beat up and shit with their wallets missing.

The World Is Fucking Pumped

5 11 2008


Whether or not you voted for him, you’ve got to appreciate the historic significance of this election.   Also, McCain’s speech last night was nothing but class. 







More people getting real pumped after the jump:

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