Venn Diagram Movie Analysis: Popular Movies & Their Black Counterparts

29 05 2009


Gold.  See the rest here.

Another Inner Monologue

28 05 2009


Another ridiculous one from the guys over at Holy Taco. This one features a guy walking by a school and getting yelled at by a kid.  Since I’ve oftentimes wondered how much time I’d actually have to do if I stuck some asshole kid in his face, I can relate to this one.  Click the picture.

This Year’s Best American Idol Reaction Videos

21 05 2009


Ahhh my favorite time of the year and the only thing I like about this show. Full rundown over at Buzzfeed.  Click the picture.

Mmmm… Meat Bible

20 05 2009


M. Lobel and Sons, the famous Upper East Side butcher shop, put together a book that will tell you everything you need to know about beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry, rabbit, and every other kind of meat you can think of.  They explain the differences between different cuts and it has over 150 recipes. 

Get one at Amazon.

Some Shit You Should Read

14 05 2009

…no, I couldn’t think of a better title than that.


Deadspin put together a few choice words of advice for the graduating class of 2009, one of the better postings I’ve read today.  Read it here.


The NYT wrote an article about how the current economic environment is moving men’s style from the power suits of yestermonth to “creative professional” attire. Read it here.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama’s new drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, would like to end the “war on drugs”, stating that the term in itself denotes that they are at war with people in this country, which, he insists, is not the case. Read it here.

How To Fake Your Own Death

28 04 2009

Holy Taco’s back with another helpful presentation for those of you that want to get away.

Power Point Presentations are the new Numbered Lists.


What To Do When You Shit Your Pants

9 04 2009

Click the picture for informative slideshow.  I would have embedded it but apparently WordPress doesn’t like letting you do anything.


Via HolyTaco.