Boston Big Picture: G20 Protests

3 04 2009

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How To Be A Dance Ranger

18 03 2009

I guess at the height of the Power Rangers’ popularity, they thought it’d be a good idea to utilize the media blitz by producing a dance video.  The following ridiculous-ass video was the result.

Three things:

1. I love the fact that the white dude, having no idea how to dance…since he’s white, and is also a Power Ranger, decided to resort to karate moves in sync with the beat.

2. I’ve never taken a black guy’s girlfriend, but I have a pretty strong feeling that him threatening me into a homoerotic dance off wouldn’t be the most realistic outcome.

3. “Ah man, you beat me in the dance battle… I guess we can be friends.”  Bullshit, guns beat karate.  That guy probably had a gun, right?

via Manofest.

Ski Jump Toilet Would Ruin My Concentration

13 03 2009


Via Coloribus:

Georgia Max Coffee chose to redesign the toilets of a number of key ski resorts in Japan. The cubicles were fully wrapped on all sides, so that the person caught short would have a ski jumper’s view when they were sitting on the loo. The person could look down at their skis (simply printed on the floor of the cubicle) and see the steep ski jump slope ahead of them. The toilet paper holder carried the only brand messaging in the cubicle, reading: “Seriously kick-ass intensely sweet for the real coffee super zinging unstoppable Max! Taste-explosion!”

I’m not sure I see the comparison here.  I’m trying to drop a load and they’re trying to break world records… okay I totally see the comparison.

Via Neatorama.

Sleeping Bag Man Suit Will Beat The Shit Out Of Snuggies

10 03 2009


If Chuck Norris and the Snuggie had a kid, or if you wanted the benefits of a Snuggie without looking like a fucking wizard, then this bag is it. Found over at Asylum:

“It’s made of durable nylon taffeta, reversible zippers and reinforced soles so that you don’t wear out the footies. Boots, we mean boots.”

Get one here.

How A Bro’s Brain Works

2 03 2009


Get an anatomy lesson over at Holy Taco.

Helpful…And Accurate

17 02 2009


If Men Wrote Advice Columns…

2 02 2009


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