Quest Gets Hilariously Urban

18 05 2009

Quest is that bullshit telephone chat service that hasn’t heard about internet porn and still tries to entice you to come masturbate on the phone to a faceless voice in between rerun episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  I guess they didn’t think they were using enough urban phrases to catch the attention of the black male demographic, so they decided to jam as many as they could into the following commercial.  It’s pretty much a 30-second tribute to played out phrases from the 90’s.

To recap…this was the exact script from the end of that clip with no edits or breaks.

“Pick up your jack and call it’s nothing to it. Holla. Do ya thing. Y’know, let it do what it do. On the real.  It’s off the hook.”


This Kid Kicks Ass

18 05 2009

No sound.  If there were it’d probably be shit exploding and people cheering.

Found @

Magic Hugs: Paper Towels

18 05 2009

Gold medal. 

Obligatory Post: Auto Tune The News #3

15 05 2009

Since this will be everywhere come Monday…the Afghan conflict part is pretty dope.

Cubicle Party: LL Cool J – I Shot Ya Remix

15 05 2009

Classic… happy Friday.

What’s Worse Than Crying Like A Little Bitch On Camera

15 05 2009

…having your dad come in and yell at you for crying like a little bitch on camera

PS. I couldn’t find the non-keyboard cat version of this video… I hate that this meme was ever born

America’s Got Talent Too

14 05 2009

Having seen the world stare in awe as Susan Boyle served as a living testament that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover and that, indeed, Britain’s got talent, I thought it only fair to celebrate the hidden talent that can be found in America to try to even the score.  So, here’s a retard knocking himself out by fucking up his grand entrance and slamming into a bunch of chairs.