Old Habits Die Hard

27 05 2009

…and get you arrested.



27 05 2009

Pretty good trailier mashup… probably better than both of the movies it’s comprised of

6 Badass Clips From The Show Cheaters

27 05 2009


If you’ve never had the chance to experience the show Cheaters, please allow me to give you a brief rundown.  The show focuses on individuals that think their significant others are cheating on them.  The Cheaters Detective Agency then follows the unfortunate target around town collecting evidence of their exploits, then they confront the individual at a most inopportune time, usually mid-coitus and oftentimes when they are in their most embarassing state.  Needless to say, emotions often run high and the host, Joey Greco, has been subject to physical harm by the targets and their lovers.  Most of the time, however, the final confrontation results in ridiculous moments of hilarity for us to enjoy.  I’ve found 6 of the best clips I can find on the web for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.

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Really Mature Religious Argument

27 05 2009


Nice Che Shirt, Asshole

27 05 2009


Get one here.

Get Some! Whoo!!

27 05 2009

Why Infinity Ward hasn’t started making movies is beyond me…

Coffee Break

27 05 2009

Back to bidness…


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